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Home time......

Friday 28th July.

The day has finally arrived for our Kenyan Adventure to end. After an early morning wakeup call (4.30) we packed the bus again ready for the short and final bus trip to the airport. Having said our final goodbyes to our AA host Sharon we headed into the airport to check in and grab some breakfast and final gifts before the long flight home.

The flight felt pretty quick and relatively painless with movies and games to keep most people entertained and of course a bit of extra sleep made the 8 hour flight go by quickly.

Bags claimed and bus caught now on route back to Lutterworth in damp and grey conditions making us already miss the Kenyan sun and back drop but we are all 100% not missing the bumpy roads and sudden breaking and accelerating that accompanies Kenyan roads. Excited to see family and friends but sad to leave this mini family, many memories and stories created and shared experiences that will live on.

A massive thanks to all our friends, family and beyond fo…

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