Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Jan 31st Update- Visa, Vaccinations and Confirmed projects

January Update- 164 to go.....

A copy of the slide show covered in Tuesday lunch time catch up session. Will have more travel details to share soon and further details on the visa application forms etc. Firstly in order to get the visa process of the ground we need your passport to be handed into Finance ASAP. You will also need scanned two passport style photos further details are available through your AA account or the school 365 Kenya group shared files.

Please ensure your passport is in date and you have months still on your passport after our return for Kenya (6 months or more)

Next meeting and Kenya Group on 365

A reminder to use the file section under the Kenya Group for kit lists, flight information etc- we will look at resources and how to create and share them soon!

Next meeting at the end of February will focus on grouping, resources, fundraising and gifts.

Until then keep us updated with your fundraising ideas and let us know any questions.


Miss Wilson

Monday, November 14, 2016

Kenya 2017 Updates: 243 days to go.....

Halloween Fun 

Firstly well done to the Halloween Party fundraisers, who organised a fantastic Key Stage three party last month. The event was not only well organised but gave students a really fun opportunity to enjoy Halloween, whilst raising money towards their Kenya trip and gaining further life skills.

Curry & Quiz Nights 

A fun way to raise money is hosting a curry/quiz night at a local curry restaurant- a number of restaurants are very supportive and often give you a really good discount to enable to raise more money for charity. Couple these experiences with raffles it often means students make a large sum of money if organised well. Two examples attached raised over £500 and £1000 for their events. Invite the Kenya staff team and staff too any tickets can be stored in the PE office and student reception too. Any information or support speak to your Kenya Fundraising leader or Miss Wilson.

Funds Finished!!!

A massive well done to Alice for not only being the first student to fully raise all of her money (in 6 months!!!) but also to go over her total too, so she can take much needed equipment and resources to her projects in the summer. Will post a small video fro Alice sharing her experiences and ideas with you guys on twitter shortly....

Finally you will have received an email from Miss Wilson showing you three out of the four staff members attending the Kenya 2017 and detailing the fundraising groups you may want to work with along with a teacher to help support the large number of events you guys have planned or want to plan. These groups ARE NOT the groups you will be working wth or staying with Kenya. The three projects and the groups will be discussed and arranged with you guys at a meeting later in the school year. Any problems or suggestions please let the Kenya Staff Team know.

Finally flights have recently been booked for us and the details will be shared with you and your parents over the next few weeks. The new year will see further updates with rooming's, reminder about vaccinations and passports and
our trip itinerary.

Christmas is a great time of year for people to share and be generous, break down the remaining time you have left with mini fundraising goals (a certain amount by a certain time and work towards smaller goals). Plan for the seasons and ensure your peak school stress points (i.e. exams) are avoided!

The Kenya Team

Miss Wilson Mr Tomlinson and Miss Pinnington 

Staff team assembled.... (minus 1....to be revealed soon...)

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Event Lunch time meeting

                   Fundraising: Organising and Celebrating 

Tea and Coffee Teams

First of all well done to the team helping sell teas/coffees and cakes at the first open evening last night they raised £130 (the most so far!!!)  Don't forget to sign up for one of the open/parent evenings with Miss Wilson if you haven't already.

Lunch time meeting and fundraising after school sessions:

Secondly thanks to all students who attended the lunch time briefing this week to look at events and key dates coming up. I have attached a photo below to remind students of the dates they have signed up for and to show students who didn't attend the dates they can pick from. The idea being that you and your fundraising team (or just you) attend one of the four sessions with myself to help look at your fundraising plan and start to arrange an event, write a letter or do some research in small groups. The sessions will start at 3.20 and last until 4.45 we will meet in M4 and will move to a computer room if/when needed. Any questions or problems let me know.

September Curry & Quiz Night

Also congratulations to Becky and Rachel for raising over £500 with their curry & quiz night on Tuesday the PE team loved the food and the outcome of the quiz....... Any more local events keeps us informed and send any invites our way :D.

As always keep following the twitter feed and your Kenya 2017 group emails for ideas, support and opportunities to fundraise. Keep up the great work to some and lets going going to others :D 

Thanks, Miss Wilson #295daystogo

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

324 to go!!! End of the summer holidays

Just a quick update to remind you we are now under the 1 year mark!!!! Time is flying and this time next year the Kenya 2017 tans will be slowly fading but the story telling and picture showing will still be in full flow.

The start of the new school term offers us a great opportunity to recap where you are; having had 6 glorious weeks to enjoy relax and unwind after a hectic school year but also plan or carry out fundraising activities. So we will look to meet as a group after school to review our fundraising calendar and start to think about projects and resources you may want to take with you to gain the
most from the opportunity to work in the schools and develop a number of key personal skills.

The Kenya 2015 Blog is a great way to look through the day to day experiences that you will most likely experience and can help give you a flavour of things to come. The next 324 days will fly by and with it will come more information regarding flights, timings, projects, groups, staff helping with the trip etc so will look to use the blog as a central place along with twitter to keep you updated with as much information as possible.

Help and support with visa processing, vaccinations and fundraising will be an initial focus when we return to give you as much time and forward planning as possible. Dates for the flights will be confirmed soon :D

Don't forget to share information about events; Mr Solly has very kindly agreed for the Kenya team to run a few whole school events throughout the year and more information will be discussed soon as to make the best coordinated use of the opportunity.

Any questions or suggestions or advice please don't hesitate to contact me further. Good luck with your results for both AS and GCSE students. If you have questions regarding this and the trip please contact me ASAP and will go through the options with you.

The countdown is on.....

Miss Wilson

Thursday, June 16, 2016

392 to go...... Fundraising meeting number 2!!!

Massive thanks and well done to all the students who attended tonights session after school. Have a few more activities planned and started looking at external companies and group projects too. The links below will take you to a shared google drive folder for examples and templates of letters to be sent when contacting business/companies to ask for their support and donations. The second link is an editable link for you to show the events you are planning to do, when and what support or additional information you need its a central shared diary. Will look to help promote and arrange events with you if required and you can prevent clashes and gain ideas from everyone when using the document.

We have a small group of students heading to speak with Mr Solly in the next week or so to look at ways to work with the school to help promote the trip, so an update from the team will follow shortly. In addition to this a number of parents/open and information evenings have allowed students to sell tea, coffee and cakes to raise funds towards their totals. If you are interested in helping run the station for future sessions please let myself or Mr Laywood know.

A few events that have seen students raise great totals so far include: Wolf runs, car washing, cake sales, card making and selling, part time jobs to name a few so well done guys and keep up the good work! We have a year 7 disco coming upon soon, more car washing, a few quiz nights that students have already planned so make the most of the long sunny days and keep working hard on the fundraising!!

Any questions or thoughts you want to run by me please either email or tweet and I will do my best to respond to your question that day.

Links from tonights session:

Twitter poll to be added soon so the best date can be decided and added to your diary early!!!!
Don't forget to keep updating the twitter account with your events and how they went.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

First Fundrasing Meeting

Thursday 14th April-

22/29 attended (great to start putting together all the people who will be heading to Kenya next Summer)

The session PP and forms are attached below:

Form link: http://www.2shared.com/file/nufbPaqj/Kenya_Fundrasisning_Form.htm

PP link: http://www.2shared.com/file/XO4fEnHw/Kenya_Fundraising.html

Some ace ideas being bounced around the group including:

  • Cinema nights
  • Quiz nights
  • Head shaving
  • Halloween nights
  • Sweep stakes for the Euros
  • Santa run
Now the mini groups have been formed we can get cracking with the plans.

Any questions let me know. Keep checking your email and the Twitter account for more fundraising events.


Miss Wilson 

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Kenya Team Assembled

The final list of Kenya 2017 students has now been released! Meaning the start of what can only be described as an epic adventure begins for 27 students and staff. Fundraising is the main focus over the next few months and todays update looks to cover some ideas and thoughts on this area.

Fundraising Support:A helpful blog on what other students and other schools have done to raise money for the trip. Worth a look when brain storming ideas and seeing how others have advertised their ideas.  https://www.african-adventures.co.uk/volunteernews/.

A helpful website http://fundraising.co.uk/ for general information on events, how to set them up, things to consider etc.                                                    A great way to advertise events and collect money in a more efficient less bouncer style approach (can have a bigger population reach).   http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/giving/

Its important to think and plan events before advertising. Miss Wilson and Mr Laywood have a year plan to spread the bigger events out to ensure you have access to more people and attention for your events is full.

Things to consider are:
  •        What health and safety aspects do you need to consider (does a risk assessment need to be carried out)
  •        What other events could potentially clash with yours (exams, whole school events etc.)
  •        How many people do you need for it to be a success? (The more people you have the less funds you will receive but not enough people equals a poor event!)
  •       Be creative and try and ensure you give something back (that could be your time, food or entertainment)
A fundraising after school session will be happening in the next few weeks keep an eye out on twitter/emails for selection of days to attend. The session aims are to get you to meet your future team members, brain storm ideas, go through planning an event and creating a letter for companies and businesses to start connecting with the wider community.  Let the fundraising commence.....