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85 days and counting.....

Easter UpdateSo its been a while since our last Blog and we are fast approaching the final few months before the trip begins! With 85 days left a number of reminders and key bits of information need to be shared to ensure that we are fully prepared for the 14th July. Over the next two terms examinations are an important distraction to the trip and will always take priority but making sure your fundraising and preparations for the trip are still ticking over in the background will see you ready for the trip in less than 85 days.

Some really inventive and rewarding ideas have been used so far with a number of students almost or already finished their fundraising journey.  Car washing, grass cutting, cake sales, curry nights, quizzes, sponsored runs/walks are all great ways to help complete your fundraising targets.

We have a  "Teachers got Talent" 2 day show being arranged by students in the Summer term, should be an......interesting event! Any ideas or help neede…

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